We expect you'll have some questions about us, so we've attempted to answer them below. Please get in touch if you want to find out more. 


Frequently asked questions


+ Who are you guys?

We’re a group of Christians who live in and around the Leppington and Willowdale areas, and we have people coming from throughout Sydney’s new South West. We love Jesus and his Word, the Bible, and so we want to share the hope of Jesus with everyone we meet! If you’d like to find out some more, jump over to the 'about us' page.

+ What happens on a Sunday?

We meet at 9am & 10:45am on Sunday mornings at 30 Heath Road, Leppington (here's a map of where we are). Church goes for just over an hour, followed by morning tea, and both oour gatherings are identical.

During the morning we will meet together as a whole group, where we’ll have some songs, read the Bible, have a kids’ talk or song, and pray. The kids will then head out to Kids’ Church with our trained kids leaders, where they get to have fun together whilst learning about Jesus. We have groups for kids of all ages. Meanwhile, everyone else will hear a talk where what we read from the Bible is explained. The Bible is at the centre of our meeting, so we hope that as you listen you find it challenging and helpful in understanding what Jesus is on about!

We then have time to enjoy morning tea together, which we hope you’ll stick around for!

+ What should I expect?

If you’ve never been to a church before, it might all seem a bit strange and weird to you. That’s ok! We welcome everyone, no matter your religion, race, age or experience. You won’t be asked to pray or read the Bible out loud – you can participate in what you want. We’d love to welcome you and get to know you, so expect some friendly faces. We regularly have visitors coming simply to check out what happens at Hope, and that’s fine with us!

If you’ve been to a church before, or call yourself a follower of Jesus, you’ll find us relaxed and relatively informal. We are committed to teaching about Jesus faithfully, and loving all those we meet. We want to see the hope of Jesus impact every home in the new South West!

+ Are my kids/teenagers welcome?

Of course! At Hope, we love a noisy church as it means we’re bursting with people! There’s no need to worry if your kids aren’t used to sitting in church, often you’ll hear and see our kids during the service.

We welcome all kids. If your child has a disability or any requirements, we’d love for you to let us know so that we can best care for them and involve them in our programmes. They are welcome just as much as anyone else!

We have Kids’ Church that runs during both our meetings – part way through the morning we’ll send them out to Kids’ Church with our trained leaders. We have Kids' Church in both our gatherings. Our groups are Crèche (Sitting Up–age 3) Preschool (age 3–school) and Primary (K–6). To find out more, email us at info@hopeanglicanchurch.org

We also have a Parents’ Room if your child is restless or needs feeding. Our teenagers at Hope stay in church with the adults, and they have a time to hang out together during the week. If you’d like more information on Hope Youth, click here. We also have a mid-week play time, Little Lambs, for 0–5yrs and their mums and dads that runs on Tuesdays. For more information about Little Lambs, click here.

If you’d like to know more about our Hope Kids and Hope Youth leaders, or arrange to meet with one of them, please contact us here.

+ Do I need to bring anything?

Nope, just bring yourself and a willingness to listen and meet some friendly people. At Hope we have Bibles for you to use, and morning tea for you to enjoy!

+ Will I be asked for money?

No. The work we do at Hope is funded by those who call Hope Anglican Church their home. You might hear us remind those in our Hope family about money matters, but as a visitor we’d love to welcome you at Hope without you feeling that we want your money!

+ What should I wear?

In whatever you feel comfortable and relaxed – that’s how we’ll be! You’ll probably find us in a range of jeans, t-shirts, dresses, jumpers, and even thongs! There’s no need to dress up or wear anything special. If you’d wear it to the shops, you can wear it to church!

+ What if I don’t believe any of this Christian stuff yet?

That’s fine! Hope Anglican Church is a place where anyone can come and ‘check out Jesus’, and check out us! Questions are always welcome, we’re more than happy to chat.

If you have honest questions or issues, we won't be offended by you asking them. We’d love to spend some time with you and chat more – we want to be as helpful as we can in helping you know about the hope that Jesus offers.

+ I have more questions – what should I do?

We’d love to get in touch and help. You can send us a message or give us a call – our details are on our ‘contact us’ page.